​​​​What is BA?
Breast augmentation is a procedure performed in order to increase the size or volume of the breasts. Typically, one gets breast augmentation to enlarge a small bust or to lift breasts that are sagging due to ageing, pregnancy or weight loss. Implants, fat transfers, and/or a breast lift can help achieve larger or more voluminous breasts.

Can I choose what type of implant I want?
Breast implant surgery is performed to change the size, shape, and texture of the breasts. The implant can be made of either saline or silicone. There are a few different shapes and textures to choose from when picking your implants. One can also decide on the placement of the implants as well as the incision location. 

What is the purpose of a breast lift?

A breast lift will help restore the volume and shape of the breasts. Mastopexy is performed to reshape and tighten sagging breasts. Some patients see a change in their breasts from aging, losing weight, or nursing children. Having a breast lift will give breasts a more youthful appearance. For some clients both a breast lift and breast implants will be the best way to achieve the patient's desired look.

Why do some people make their breasts smaller?
Some patients would like to achieve a smaller and firmer breast and request to have a breast reduction. A breast reduction removes excess tissue, fat, and skin. The surgery results in the patient having both smaller and perkier breasts. This procedure is performed for not only aesthetic reasons, but for health reasons too. Large breasts can cause pain in the back, shoulder, and neck area. A reduction will alleviate the pain caused from having large, heavy breasts. Some patients may want to also have an areola reduction performed while having a breast reduction. 

Are breast revisions common?
Breast revision surgery is sometimes needed if one is dissatisfied or has had complications with a previous breast augmentation surgery. This is why it is very important to have a highly qualified surgeon perform your procedure the first time. Occasionally, a patient may not be satisfied with their decision or even their doctor's choice in the implant size and will want to change the size. A patient may also have asymmetrical breasts after their first surgery and will want to achieve a more even look by having a revision surgery. Other patients may have a post-op sag and will want this issue corrected for more perky breasts

Can anything be done to make nipples smaller?
Surgery to reduce the size of the nipple or areola in both men and women is common. During nipple reduction surgery the nipple length and/or width is shortened. The areola area can also be made smaller during an areola reduction. Some people have large nipples due to genetics, weight gain, or breast feeding. Large or elongated nipples can not only be embarrassing to the patient, but also may be uncomfortable. Some patients may want nipple/areola reduction while also having other breast procedures.

breast augmentation:

 mammoplasty is performed 

to enlarge the breasts

breast reduction:

a surgical procedure to minimize

the size of the breasts

breast lift:

mastoplexy is performed
to tighten and reshape
sagging breasts ​

nipple reduction:

surgery to shorten the

length of the nipple

nipple reconstruction: ​​

uses tissue to recreate nipples after one has had breast reconstruction post cancer

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between two points.​" -Mae West ​​​​

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