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​​Bethanee  Kaspersen





I created Beijing Cosmetic with the Beijing expat in mind.  I noticed there was a great need for English speaking patients to be connected with English speaking cosmetic consultants and medical professionals.  Many expats feel they  have limited options and are stuck going to 1 or 2 hospitals due to the lack of English speaking medical spas or cosmetic surgery centers.  Although there are very few medical aesthetic centers with customer service consultants who can communicate with expats, there are actually many medical professionals in the area who speak English.  I am able to provide considerers with a curated consultation and a portfolio of English speaking doctors at various medical facilities in Beijing. 

I most recently worked in sales and marketing for the top cosmetic injectable producer in the world.  I previously was the Director of Business Development for the expat market at a major cosmetic surgery hospital in Sanlitun, Beijing.  Additionally, I was also a research consultant for a cosmetic surgery advising company in Orange County, California. I am originally from the USA, but have spent a lot of time working in Asia: both Singapore and South Korea. Living and working in the top leading cosmetic surgery countries has allowed me to keep current on new products and procedures in the plastic surgery industry. I have always been passionate about helping others and obtained two degrees in both Psychology and Criminal Justice. 

​The goal of this site is to share my experience, knowledge, and opinions as a professional in the cosmetic surgery industry.  l hope you find this site to be a valuable place to gain knowledge about the latest cosmetic procedures and trends in Beijing, China.  Being well-informed ultimately leads to the best results.

Feel free to contact me with questions if you are unable to find the answers on this site and I will be more than happy to help you. However, please remember only your doctor and cosmetic surgery consultant will be able to address your individual needs in person.  If you reside in the Beijing area, I'm available to personally arrange a consultation for you with one of our highly skilled cosmetic surgeons in Chaoyang District.

Bethanee Kaspersen

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