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This is a great place to begin if you are just starting out on your cosmetic surgery journey.  Learn basic procedure information and terminology.  For more assistance fill out a contact form and I'll reply shortly.

​​​Liposuction and tummy tucks are not very

popular in China.  Because of this, you probably won't

find prices much lower than back home.  But there are

great alternatives such as CoolSculpting® or UltraShape®.

Since everyone is unique,

booking a bespoke consultation is the best way

to get the answers you are looking for.

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Chaoyang Plastic Surgery Procedures

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This website was designed with the Beijing Expat in mind.  When living in another country a simple doctor's checkup can be overwhelming, let alone a surgical procedure.  Whether it's a quick  Botox treatment  or an invasive surgery, such as a tummy tuck, I want to help you feel more at ease by answering your questions, keeping you well-informed, and setting up a plastic surgery consultation with a highly-skilled, English speaking doctor. Feel free to comment, share, and connect. 

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Double eyelid surgery is very common in China.

Due to it's popularity we can find great prices 

from highly-skilled surgeons. Don't think since it's minimally

invasive, you don't need a qualified doctor.

Chaoyang Plastic Surgery Consultation

​​​Here to answer any of your questions concerning plastic surgery in Beijing. Experienced consultant, business development director, and research manager for international cosmetic centers. 

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Botox Beijing

Botox® and dermal fillers are very popular surgery-free treatments due to their quick and amazing results.

 Don't have the time? Don't worry,

treatment can be done during your lunch break.

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